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about us

Jaymo’s uses only the freshest ingredients in all our products. Proof that one can acquire taste without high amounts of non-foods such as sugar and salt and no preservatives, additives, colorings or fillers.


Over 20 years ago I, Jaymo, was working as a telecommunications executive and spent my time off in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining friends and family. My desire was to use only the highest quality meats and fish and constantly was searching for the perfect sauce to compliment them, whether they were grilled, smoked, baked or seared. I quickly realized that no matter how good your steak, beef, chicken or fish are, they aren’t finished without THE SAUCE. Not putting a premium sauce with a premium meat is a disservice.

After years of combining, testing, and perfecting, I finally formulated the blend of delicious flavors to make this vision come to life. Jaymo’s sauce combines over 20 of the best and freshest ingredients to bring your food to a whole different level.


Jaymo’s All Purpose Sauce is not only a BBQ but a marinade for chicken, steak and pork and also a basting sauce on fish or anything your heart desires. This complex sauce will differentiate your meatloaf or salmon from the rest!!

In addition to the Jaymo’s family, we have our All Purpose Shakers! Available in Jaymo’s Everything Seasoning and Jaymo’s Everything Spicy Seasoning, bringing a lot of extra flavor with zero guilt. Better For You with Taste !

Please try on anything from eggs, rice, baked potatoes and any meat or seafood. You will be shocked and very pleased by the diversity of our great all Purpose sauce and shakers.

Recommended For

Jaymo’s All Purpose Sauce and shakers are recommended for consumers looking for:

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • Heart Health

  • Diabetics

  • Weight Loss

All attainable with TASTE with Jaymo’s!

HEart Healthy & Diabetic Friendly

MD & RD approved

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healthier living without giving up the flavor!


“Outstanding sauce that works on all kinds of meats and seafood. The new Sweet N Heat is really good on chicken.”
Roger Bonsack
“Jaymo’s offers all the nutritional criteria a Dietitian is looking to promote to their patients! Add in the quality of taste and this product is unrivaled in it’s market.”
Brooke Rush
“Completely in love with the sauce, thanks for doing what you do and making it a #dietitianschoice! Excited to bring it tailgating tomorrow! Go Hawks!”
Hailey Baker